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For those who don't know us: Metrolab is the world leader for high precision magnetic field measurements. Twice a year, we want to inform you of our new developments, to show you solution examples, and to introduce some of the fascinating projects our customers are working on. We aim to make this a professional quality publication of general interest to anyone working in magnetics.
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Philip Keller, Marketing & Product Management

NeuroSpin pushes back the limits of MRI:
11.7 teslas for understanding the human brain!

It's a world premiere: the NeuroSpin centre at Saclay (France), dedicated to studying the functioning of the human brain using MRI, is aiming to possess an 11.7 T magnet by 2011. This is a major technological challenge that is mobilising the CEA's finest specialists in liaison with companies such as Siemens, Alstom… and Metrolab. Here's an update. Read on

Hall probe, fluxmeter, NMR...
Field mapping: one size
does not fit all

Many researchers, engineers and technicians dealing with magnetic field mapping are not aware of the variety of technologies available. From particle accelerators to the automobile industry, the problems vary widely depending on the type of field measured and the precision required. Fortunately, a suitable, reliable solution can be found for (almost) all situations. A brief review of the state of the art. Read on

Permanent magnets

An absolutely unique performance-to-size ratio!

With Metrolab’s PM1055 permanent magnet range, scientists now have access to an ultra-compact solution for calibrating Hall probes with a high level of precision. With a side opening wide enough to insert an NMR probe, each PM1055 can even be turned into a real secondary field reference… that fits into the palm of your hand! Read on

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