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Regular readers of this newsletter know that Metrolab is investing heavily in a new generation of instruments, in particular the THM1176 and PT2026. But what’s new? Many of the changes are driven by industry trends: faster and denser electronic components, high-performance processors, digital signal processing, high-level development tools, standardized high-speed interfaces, and complex graphical user interfaces. We exploit these developments to fulfill our own technological agenda, for example flexible data acquisition systems and reusable firmware/software components. The end result should be an instrument that is easier to use, easier to manufacture, easier to maintain, and – hopefully – offers even better performance. And, of course, provides me with interesting work!

Sylvain Dembski, Development Engineer

Still going strong after 25 years!
In 2010, Metrolab celebrates its 25th year of operation! For the occasion, we have produced our first corporate video – go and have a look!

Proton therapy
IBA's cyclotrons fight cancer

The IBA group, a global proton therapy machine specialist, has built nearly 300 cyclotrons since being founded in 1986. Its success is based notably on leading-edge magnetic measurement expertise: each accelerator requires thousands of high-precision Hall probe measurements. We took a look inside with Yves Paradis, in charge of magnetic measurements at IBA. Read on

A brief history of magnetic field cameras

Metrolab's magnetic field cameras (MFC) are now benchmark solutions for the high-precision mapping of intense magnetic fields and, in being perfected over the years, have gained the trust of all MRI manufacturers worldwide. We look back on a technological adventure that began nearly 20 years ago and is now seeing new perspectives opening up with the emergence of pulsed NMR probes. Read on

In the last year, the combined effect of reduced sales and continued high R&D investments have certainly left their mark, but the company continues to be financially sound. We look to the future with a renewed product line and a motivated team, and we hope to continue providing you with the best solutions for your precision magnetic field measurements.

Fast Digital Integrator
Up to 250,000 high-precision flux measurements per second!

The Fast Digital Integrator is now available! Developed by CERN and the University of Sannio (Italy) to measure the LHC magnets at 10 revolutions per second... Read on

PT2026 Development Status
THM1176 Software and Firmware Updates Now Available
Updated Price List – and No Price Increases!